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Why Hire a Bookkeeper?

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Do you find the record keeping part of your business is uninteresting or getting too complicated? Do you lack sufficient time to devote to staying up to date with entering those many receipts? Are you finding that your manual and spreadsheet records only take your business financial reports so far and in the end you are no further ahead? By …

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Annual WCB Filing


It’s that time of year again where your annual WCB remittance is due. You will find your filing requirement date on the top right hand side of the remittance form mailed to you. Whether you’re an annual filer or a quarterly filer you are required to submit your annual reconciliation. Not sure what your filing requirements are? Want to go …

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T4 Slips – Filing deadline February 28, 2013

T4 Summary

Employers need to remember that a T4 slip must to be issued to all employees who received remuneration during 2012, provided that: CPP contributions, EI premiums or income tax was deducted from the remuneration if the remuneration was more than $500. The deadline to issue T4 slips to your employees, as well as filing the employer copies with CRA, is …

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